For the last few days my book has gotten interesting. The main character,Jupiter has made some bad decisions well at least I think so. Jupiter has gotten a mysterious phone call form an anonyms person, thing, or even maybe a ghost. he actually picked up the phone and then someone or something answered.

Oh my gosh what will happen next!!!!

     Now Jupiter has answered the phone and I was kind of scared. but when I read the next part I felt even better ( I am being sarcastic) there was a creepy voice that said some info that I wont mention was creepy. In the next chapter he might has gotten another creepy phone call but I hope he didn't. I like this book so far it has upheld the creepiness that I thought it would be like.

Next chapter dun dun. dun. dunnnnn.

I am now in the next chapter I think that the author was done a really good job with making me feel the creepiness, cause last night I had a night mare Jupiter was going to a creepy spot and the legend came a live and it ate Bob, and Jupiter

This book is out of control!!!!

i love this book and the author. i will definateley read the next one

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3 years ago

Samantha--I love that I can hear your voice in this writing! I can tell that you were really engaged by your book! You need to include the title and author of your book, and make sure you tell us what types of bad decisions Jupiter made. Let us know (in a basic way) what the voice said. You don't want to go into too much detail and retell what you read, but you want to give your reader enough information so that we can follow your reactions to the story. If you tell us that something was creepy or that the author wrote in a way that made you feel worried, tell us some of the words or descriptions he used. Prove your examples by offering evidence from the text. I'm glad you have liked the book so much! Did you finish it? :)