Good Rum Drinks – A Pirate’s Guide to The Best Mixes

This goes out to all you rum drinkers out there!

If getting the right flavour combination on your rum cocktail isn’t working out, you definitely need some help. Because a rum drink that doesn’t taste right is SUCH misuse of the amazing spirit! Think about what those long-dead-pirates would say when they hear that you let even a single drop of that gorgeous drink go to waste. Oh the abomination!

So here we are.. A simple guide to understanding which cocktail to mix up with which rum type.. Enjoy the soils me mate-ies!

# With light rum – The Infusion

Just pick up that spare bottle of light rum that you have lying around and throw in a few slices of pineapple in it. Let it rest for a few days, leeching out the flavours of the fruit and infusing it with the spirit for the best summer daiquiri ever. This safe-kept infusion will be the perfect way to impress your partner on a first date!

#With Gold Rum – The Daiquiri

The Daiquiri is one drink that has been completely transformed (not in a good way) over the years by the blender happy franchises. True Daiquiri does NOT include bananas or strawberries and certainly isn’t served in frosted glasses that are laced with chocolate syrup or cocoa. There is a reason why Hemingway loved this drink to death and that reason IS NOT SWEETNESS. Just mix 2 oz rum (Gold rum for added complexity) with 1 oz lime and you have the perfect, traditional, the-way-it-is-meant-to-be Daiquiri. You can add a bit of syrup to cut through the tart flavours if you like but trust me – THIS is what good rum drinksare all about.

#With Dark Rum – The Dark N’ Stormy

Cool, refreshing and totally unexpected – the Dark N’ Stormy just cannot be dark and stormy without its trusty partner Dark Rum. Lime, ginger and black rum – that’s all it takes to whip up this amazing drink with its quintessentially uplifting flavours. Add in some vanilla extract, citrus peel and spices and you have got yourself a winner! The summers just cannot be complete without this dark rum cocktail.

#With Spiced rum – The Little Monster

The very mention of spiced rum and you are already painfully reminiscing those wild college parties, badly mixed cocktails, even worse hangovers and many slips in your talking. But this spirit, if handled correctly, can transform into lovely flavours which won’t be anything like what you remember from your younger days. The Little Monster is an edgy drink, perfect for a few peaceful hours on the patio. Spiced rum, some sherry, lime juice and soda water – that is all you need. Of course a garnish of some nutmeg and lime wheel will be an added bonus.

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