Nicholas terry Perry

I made a keychain that looks awsome

Day 2


MY castle started out with all square but i added a cylinder and triangle.Also i put a roof on top of it. Also i had to shrink it to make it be a perfect match

Day 5

day 6

I made a play station and a controller out of squares and circles and cylinder. Also i had to make some adjustments by rearranging the parts of it.

I made another key chain for practice i did use different colors for the letters because it was just a practice run and it really did not count

Day 7

I made a little town inspired by where i live there are 2 apartment building with trees and a shoppers and a wells fargo. also there are some sky scrapers near my house.


I made a house and a doggy house.i made it out of square, triangle,cylinder,sphere.and it has three windows in the front 3 doors 2roof and 1 chimney. it also includes some grass.