How to play Football

by: Blake K.


      Have you ever wanted to know how to play football? Do you want to play football? Well read this book and find out the basics about how to play football.


      Now the first thing I’m going to tell you about and probably one of the most important things is the rules. But I probably won’t get all of them because there’s too much to count but I will get the important ones.

·There can only be eleven players on the field at once.

·You cannot grab another player’s facemask.

·you cannot hold on to someone if you have lost control of them.

·You cannot hit someone after the play is over.

·You can only tackle the guy with the ball.

·if there is a receiver on the line the tightened on that side cannot go out for a pass.


      Now let’s talk about offensive positions. First there is the line. In the middle is the center, and then there is two guards on both sides of the center with two tackles on both sides of the guards. There can also be tightened on either side of the tackles but he is not always there. Also, there can be a slot back behind the tightened and basically all they do is block for the quarterback who throws or hands off the ball. Behind the quarter back is a running back and a fullback and basically all they do is run the ball. There is also a receiver of to the side but he does not always have to be there (there can be as much as the coach wants). Now let me tell you about defense. The lines basically the same but about three yards from the line there are three linebackers and about seven yards from the linebackers is a safety with one other guy off to the side that covers the receiver. So that’s basically the basics on Football and the end of my book I hope you enjoyed it.