Ways to survive a zombie attack!

There are meany ways to survive a zombie attack

1. Don't be a hero for frainds

2. Don't die

3. Don't go to big city's that's a zombies favriot spot to eat.

4. Don't fall in love with a zombie if you do your dead

Ways to kill a zombie!

There are a lot of ways to kill zombies:

1. Shot a zombies head or legs to make it suffer.

2. Cut it's head of

3. Stick a big hunch of  a human arm.

4. fire bad for zombies!hahahahaha!

Ways to practice killing zombies!

There are 4 ways to practice:

1. When you chop of a zombies head the zombies head does not die so put it on a pole and shot at the head.

2. Put chains on a zombie and shot at it.

3. Cut the bottom of the zombies mouth becouse it knows it can't eat. Then cut its arms of so it can't grab you. Then put a chain around its neck and put bags on the zombies.

4. Dig a very deep hole so zombies fall in.

Thank you and I hope you survive!

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