by: Hailey Potter
January 29, 2015

Warm up: Three sources of stress and explain how you manage the stress.

  • Teachers, because sometimes all of my teachers give us a project or homework then its stressful. I manage the stress by just going slow with my work. Sometimes teachers can be stressful if they give you an amount of work and hardly show you how to do it, but if that happens all you need to do is ask them for more help.
  • Parents because they always expect you to always do chores and have work for you to do. I manage the stress by doing one or two chores a day. Parents will always be stressful because there your parents so they will be strict and want you to do things around the house while they are at work.
  • Friends, because sometimes there is drama between other friends with your friends and they pull you into it. I manage the stress by telling my friends I don’t want to be involved with drama. Friends can sometimes be stressful if you are in a group of friends but if it is just you and another friend then there want really be any drama and you can talk to one another.