The Raberwolvin

    Good afternoon University of Wisconsin science department. Today I'm going to show you a never before seen micro organism called the Raberwolvin. I stumbled upon it while I was playing in the snow. This micro organism can be found towards the bottom of snow banks.

      The Raberwolvin belongs to the Claplyn family and that family is known for living in cold areas. This organism eats snow pants with its grinders (teeth) while kids play in the snow. This organism is produced by live births. When it eats, the live births come out of its speculas. When they come out they look like black balls but shortly gain their color. This organism prevents kids snowmen from falling down. This may not be the safest organism, but with it's multi colored body I think it would be very intresting for kids to look at under a microscope. I also think this micro organism will be a new science breakthrough.

     The Raberwolvin has ilys (eyes) this organism has good eye sight but can only see with a triangle around everything. They have grinders (teeth) the grinders are very sharp so it can chew through snow pants. They also have laboglys (ears) that can only hear their own families calls. Another part is their speculas (extra eyes) it's where the live births happen. The chifi (tail)it uses that to dance on. They also have policals (feet) and it moves by rolling around. They have halons (horns) it uses these to bring food to its home. Last but not least they have WoƱgos (lines) they help theses color creatures blend in. I hope you give me grant money to continue my research and thank you for your time.

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