Lists of Joy

This Tackk is based on the lists that Junior writes about what brings him joy. I want you to write at least three lists of things that bring you joy. Here are mine:

People that bring me joy:

1. My best friend, Clara

2. My nieces, Autumn and Violet

3. My mom

4. My sister-in-law

5. My little dog

Foods that I love:

1. Salt and Vinegar chips

2. Dark chocolate

3. Enchiladas

4. String cheese

Things I do to make me happy:

1. Nap

2. Go for a walk

3. Watch Jimmy Fallon videos on youtube

4. Call my mom

This is my best friend, Clara.

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3 years ago

Nice 👏

3 years ago

Good job 👌👍😄

3 years ago

I love dark chocolate too 👌🙏

3 years ago