Short Story Steps
By:Bailey Standokes, Caleigh Enax, Nate Bounds, Bailey Young

Revising and Editing

This is what you do when you revise and edit a story. This is also the pros and cons of revising and editing a  short story.

When you revise a short story you

-re-wording sentences

- taking and adding sentences

-enhancing word use

This is what you do when you edit a a short story you

-fix spelling

-fix punctuation

-fix grammar

The pros for revising are

-giving advise that helps you

-gives others advise on how they can make there story better

The cons of revising are

-they might give you bad advise

- they might give you extra information that has to much detail

The pros for editing are

- makes it where you don't have as much miss spelled words

-fixes it to where you have proper grammar

The cons of editing are

-they might give you wrong spelling

- the grammar may be wrong

This is a rough draft of a short story that is in the middle of revising and editing.

This is the final product for the rough draft below.

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