Reading Log for 3-18-14

By:Gabe Esquibel

                                                   My Goal; To Read 150 minutes, to have it in on time and to have a paragraph for each summary.

                                                   Day One; Chapter 21 pages 92-102

   So Luke ran as hard as he could, dodging tree branches and shrubs. The next thing you know, Luke slams into a tree and wobbles back a little bit, but Jackel Boy tackled him. They discussed whether or not Luke was a third child or not, the Luke spitted out "Do you know Jen?"(Jen is from the first book which I already read)"You know Jen?!" Jackal Boy brought Luke to the rest of the people. They asked question about Jen and stuff. They asked Luke what his real name was, but he said Lee Grant.(His fake name)

                                                 Day Two; Chapter 22 pages 102-107

     Now Jackal Boy being SUPER nice to Luke. When Luke got all bloody from running into the tree? Well Jackal Boy took him to the nurse and did all the talking for him. Also, Jackal Boy stop being a jerk to Luke in his sleeping courters. At breakfast, Jackal Boy let Luke sit at the "hall monitor table" with them, even though he's not a hall monitor. Jackal Boy was answering all of Luke question. He even told him that he didn't have to worry about his grades because Jackal Boy could change them. Lastly, Jackal Boy let Luke follow him to class with him because Luke doesn't know what classrooms to go to. I wonder if Jackal Boy just being nice so Luke wont tell on him for going outside.....

                                                       Day Two; Chapter 23 pages 102-112

      Every once and a while, Jackal Boy would whisper "Tonight" in Luke's ear which meant were going to the woods tonight, which happened three times a week. They went outside and walked into the woods. There were two schools, Hendricks school for boys, and Hendras school for girls, and they meet in that one spot. When Luke and Jackal Boy arrived, they came in right when Nina said "-boys are stupid!" They were supposed to talk about government and all of that, but instead, they just joked around the whole time. Then they walked in side and Jackal Boy pulled him aside. "Hey, you know that finals are next week, and if you pass, your out of here, but if you fail, you stay for the rest of your life." Luke couldn't say anything. "But don't worry, I'll help you out O-kay?" Luke nodded.

                                               Day Three; Chapter 24 pages 112-114

    Jackal Boy handed Luke a piece of paper that said "Class Schedule for Lee Grant" Luke automatically felt better.  After breakfast, Luke's first class was math, and he learned that you can only divide a prime number by a prime number or one. His next class was language. Luke opened his text book to the pages on the board. He understood the fancy language, it was saying "There were two friends, one died and the other was sad." In science and technology, he learned about gasoline motors. Luke could just imagine them with all the grease on them. By lunchtime, Jackal Boy was doubting Luke, "You'll never make it in time, but you will be coming back, begging for me to change your grades." Luke pulled out his textbook and started studying.

                                    Day Four; Chapter 25 pages 114- 117

    On the way outside, Luke asked Trey(one of Jackal Boy's friends) "Don't you want to know about stuff outside, like if the grass is the same all over the world?" "No." Was always his reply. In class, Luke thought the teachers were shy. They could never look a kid straight in the eye. When it was time to go outside, Luke wanted to stay and read. "You know," Jackal Boy said. "you'll never catch up, even if you study all night." Jackal Boy walked outside. That night, when Luke was in bed, he couldn't fall asleep. Then, he heard a bed creak, probably someone just turning over. But then he heard a pit pat pit pat. Lastly, he heard the door open. Luke got up and went over to the door. Only two beds were empty, Luke's. And Jackal Boys.

                            Day Five; Chapter 26 pages 117-122

       Luke thought about how stupid he was. "He's probably just going to the bathroom." He murmured to himself. But when he got there, no one was in the bathroom. So Luke backtracked, went backed to the sleeping quarter, and went the other way. He brought his book with him, just in case he got caught, he could say "I just want to study, I'm nerves for the test tomorrow." Luke got to the stairs, but he didn't care what Jackal Boy was doing anymore. So he just sat down and opened his book. Before he could even start reading, he heard murmuring. He crept up the stairs, one by one. Then finally, he reached the top. Luke peered around the corner, and saw Jackal Boy on a portable phone. "They'll never suspect I'm working for the population police-"

                                   My goal- Yes, I did meet my goal. I read 150 minutes, had a paragraph for each day, and got it in on time.