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“Yeah, I would like to make more money, but you guys always have to travel.”  I've heard this or similar statements from most of the people I have talked to as a reason why they haven’t considered joining the IBEW and even from some members who, when talking with a non-member always ask if they are “willing to travel?” like it’s a foregone conclusion that anyone who is union has to travel.

What they fail to point out and what most of the non-members don’t understand is that the ability to travel anywhere in the country is actually a great benefit… consider:

  • Knowing ahead of time that wherever you go to work you will be paid a good wage.
  • Whoever you are employed by will be making contributions into “your” family medical plan, “your” annuity and pension plans etc.
  • You also know that you will be working under safe conditions, be treated fairly, and have good working conditions guaranteed by a signed contract.
  • You know that if a problem arises on the job you will be represented by a steward whose duty is to ensure that you are treated fairly.
  • You will be working with skilled trained brothers and sisters who will help to ensure that you will return safely home again.

Those are benefits you do not have as a non-union electrician but the other thing that most people don’t understand is that it is entirely up to you whether you take a job locally or away from home; many members do not travel at all.

“I started working for Affleck Electric in Bay City when I was a 2nd year apprentice. I spent my entire career there and retired in 2012” … Mark P.

“Travelling offers me many more opportunities to provide for my family with my choice of where to go and how long to be gone” … Derek S.

“My family situation doesn’t make it possible for me to travel away from home right now so I only accept job calls that are close to home” … Jeremy K.

... it doesn't always pay the bills

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