I choose this topic , because there are many homeless people all around the world . If you want to know what being homeless really feels like , ask people if they remember their first night being homeless . It's usually the loneliest feeling in the world like everything , everyone and all you ever knew has abandoned you , forgotten you or betrayed you . Your entire perspective of life turns upsidedown . It is very scary to live under the bridge .

Homelessness in Houston

When homeless people read mean statements or get something told to them that is mean it is heartbreaking . Almost 7.7 million people were living doubled up with friends and family in 2013 which increases of 67 percent since 2007 . In January 2013 610,042 people were homeless on a given night .

More than 600,000 Americans were homeless . Amoung all states the highest areas that has the most homelessness is Hawii followed by New York and California . One out of 50 or about 1.5 million children are homeless each year , according to 2009 .

The only way to stop homelessness is by first preventing it from happening . One of the best ways to help end homelessness is to increase access to low the rate of mortgages and affordable housing for low income and at risk families and individualas . I dont have any family members but i've seen many people and families in the streets holding up signs saying they need money. 90%  homless women are either sexualy abused . Battered women who live in poverty are often forced to choose between abusive relationships and homelessness .


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