Spilsbury, Louise, and Richard Spilsbury. Shattering Earthquakes. Chicago: Heinemann Library, 2004. Print.


1. Shock waves- A force that spreads out in all directions from a center of an earthquake.

2. Aftershock- These are mini earthquakes that happen after the main one.

3. Crust- The top layer of earth that is made of hard rock

4. Richter scale- A scale that measures the amount of damage an earthquake cause. measures 1-10

5. Plates- Pieces of rock that float on hot liquid rock that moves very slowly


Tsunami's are giant waves that build as they get closer to shore. They're caused by an earthquake at the bottom of the sea floor

The strongest earthquake ever recorded was 9.5 on the Richter scale. It stuck May 22, 1960. It caused a tsunami.

Earthquakes can happen anywhere on land or ocean floor. Many happen around the edges of the Pacific ocean.

Personal Connection- I think reading about earthquakes makes me want to study them some when I grow up

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