Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

The great depression was the deepest and longest economy fall down in the history . The stock markets crashed in October 27 , 1929 and it was the worse case in the economy after the World War 1. 8 to 15 million people were flooding the unemployment offices and the nations gross decreased from $103.8 to $55.7 billions of dollars.  By the time of spring 1933 the situation was way worse than what they though would get. People were killing themselves and what led to the biggest suicides rates ever. The Great Depression ended in September 4, 1939.

Collage in the 1930's

I think Eugene would like to go to Santa Fe university because they have an amazing course degree on professional writing. Collage tuition of a full time Graduate is $400 plus General fee, books is $35 , Room and board is $520 , and clothing and miscellaneous is $260 . Some major differences between now and 1930's were now that any race or female can attend in collage and there is no segregation rules . It was also really easy to do the work and get out with a job with a career . Now in days we study so hard earn our degree but come out jobless and and in a big debt . And there mascott is a Dragon .

The gas prices back then was about 10 cents and different food was about 5 - 456 cents for food or grocery's.

Stan's apology letter

Mr. Stroheim,

I wanted to write this letter on the decision i have made. Ive been thinking these days per say to come to the conclusion that I was wrong. With the most sincere apology for you. I want to apologize for my behavior.

I was stupid, Ignorant, and childish of my part to do or did what i did. I wasn't thinking on the damage this would cost me. How this affects or will affect my family. I need this job.

I got a family to support. People i need to feed and i can only do that with this job. Please i beg you, let me keep my job. One more chance is what I ask for you. Thank you.