My #Springbreak #kettner#tech41
Bradley C

My Spring break was for the most part really fun! I went to Seattle on Tuesday and we spent the night at my uncle's! there wasnt alot to do there but they had a basketball hoop so I put it down all the way and started dunking the brains out of that hoop (that was not 10 feet)

Then after that we headed to the harbor to catch a ferry to the San Juan Island. It was a really cool ride over to the island but it took forever! Once we got to the island we didn't know where to go but it wasnt hard to find the little resort but Its not hard to find it if you just follow the roads considering it is only a 55 sq. mile island. So we checked in and we wondered. " What should we do?" So we heard there was a camel on the island so we said . . . " We gotta check this out!" So we followed the road, and after a long time looking we found this camel on the side of the road. Right next to the camel was also a alpaca! I named the camel Mona and the Alpaca Big Galactus. I was born in  Sacramento California and moved up here when i was 5. I love it up here and played baseball ever since! Now here are the pictures from my trip!

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2 years ago

You and Mona are perfect! :)