Digital Citizenship - You Matter to LHS

Liberty High School Students weigh in on how they receive advice about responsible Internet and cell phone use. As we are a 1:1 school, we have a responsibility to our students to continually keep the conversation about Digital Citizenship at the forefront with students.

As we look to kick off 2017-2018, we can help identify some of the Digital Citizenship areas we will support and explicitly teach by identifying them on our course syllabi.

Where Should I Start?

Check out our Clarity BrightBytes survey data gathered from students in the area of Digital Citizenship with statements that could be used on course syllabi to support our development.

Possible syllabus statements could include...

Students in _____ class will:

  • Create a positive digital footprint through publishing and sharing academic work online.
  • Promote learning through engaging in productive interactions with others online.
  • Share appropriate information online within the projects and coursework we are asked to complete.

Possible syllabus statements could include...

As productive Digital Citizens, all students commit to promoting a positive classroom environment by:

  • Posting information online that is respectful, legal, true and kind.
  • Considering the impact on self and others of the online content we post.
  • Informing an adult or utilizing Sprigeo about concerns for the safety of self and others.

Possible syllabus statements could include...

All students are expected to uphold academic integrity and the intellectual property rights of others by:

  • Using technology in a way that maximizes productivity.
  • Ensuring the use of royalty-free material in all projects.
  • Including proper citations for any work referenced that is not personally owned.

Liberty Public Schools

Have created learning targets to address Digital Citizenship in our District. Take a look at the 9-12 targets and consider how you can make an impact through your consistent communications with students and parents.

  • I will use technology for learning in a way that maximizes my productivity.
  • I will show respect to myself and others in my online interactions and report inappropriate behavior.
  • I will ethically create online work that reflects my original thoughts and appropriately credits all sources.
  • I understand the public permanence of online content and will interact online in a way that I am proud to share with friends, parents, employers, college recruiters, etc.