Show What You Know!

Using PEEL to make an inference and cite text evidence to support it!

Yesterday, in class, you were introduced to the PEEL strategy for responding to a question.  Today, you will follow the steps below to show your ability to 1) make a correct inference and 2) cite evidence from the text to support your inference (using PEEL).

1) Your first step is to be sure your PEEL graphic organizer from yesterday's practice prompt is complete.  Please use the PEEL presentation link below to be sure you have correctly completed each box of the graphic organizer.  This includes the Link...just follow the steps on the presentation!

2) Your second step is to type out your response in paragraph form, using your graphic organizer.  (Your response should have eight sentences).  Do this in a Google Document, titled Your Name Citing Text Evidence Practice.  Be sure to use the Show Me the Evidence hand-out to introduce your evidence.  Then, follow the example on the PEEL presentation and color-code each of the parts of your paragraph (for example, the P should be one color, all of the text evidence should be another color, the explanations should be a third color, and the link should be a fourth color!)

Citing Text Evidence Check #2

Now that you've completed steps one and two above, you are ready to show what you know!  Grab a copy of the article "I Was Homeless" and follow the directions below.  NOTE: THIS IS AN ASSESSMENT.  YOU ARE NOT TO WORK ON THIS OUTSIDE OF CLASS.  THIS IS DUE AT THE END OF CLASS ON THURSDAY

1) Preview the text by circling, underlining, or highlighting the text features.
2) Read and mark-up the article.
3) Grab a PEEL graphic organizer from the table.
4) Use the graphic organizer to respond to this question: According to the article, "I Was Homeless" how does Kevin feel about his future? (You may keep the graphic practice graphic organizer on your desk as a mentor text, as well as the Show Me the Evidence hand-out).
5) Once you've completed all eight boxes on the graphic organizer, type your response in a new Google document.  Title it Your Name Citing Text Evidence Check 2.
6) Color code all of the PEEL parts to your response.
7) Read over your response and use the Editor's Checklist in your writing spiral to check for correct punctuation and capitalization.  Pay attention to spelling, too.
8) Share your response to the prompt on the Homework form below.  Be sure to select the correct assignment name and make change your sharing settings so I can see/comment on your response, then share the link on the form.