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By:Emma Heck

Shana was having a fight with her mom so she ran to a meadow. There was a dandelion patch that was yellow like a bunch of softballs. The wind whistles through them when it blows. Far out in the meadow there’s a forest and she could imagine it felt prickly and smelled piney. She could hear birds chirping like they were talking that early morning. In the middle of the field there was a tree by itself. Her eyes could see its thick wood bark and sticks. Her mother was out on the porch waiting for her to come back home.

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Directors Award

By: Emma Heck

"I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight." The sound of my band director started to fade like a car in a distance as I got more tired and bored. I had just finished playing my clarinet in my 6th grade concert. I could hear the other band members talking behind me like a bunch of whispering little giggling kids as I started to want to go home more and more. I was hungry because I hadn't eaten all day and didn't sleep the night before. My mouth felt dry and I needed a drink of water plus my head hurt I'd had a headache all day, it felt like I had a lot of headaches lately. I could hear all the choir students talking as I yawned for the second time.

I was getting anxious to leave the school that night. "My 6th through 8th grade band students have come really far this year, and I am really proud of them." Mr. Campbell was my 6th grade band director, and it was his first year here at Unity Middle School and Unity High School. I was thinking about quitting the band at the moment because I was the only clarinet with band. Although my best friend Karleigh Parrish was in the band with me at the time I still knew she would quit because I could tell it wasn't something she liked to do. I guess I was right though because she quit at the end of 6th grade.

The air felt warm and not breezing at all. I felt sick because I was not really used to being on stage for a long period of time, and I didn't want to be there any longer. The lights were shining bright in my eyes, and I couldn't see at all. I could hear Mr. Taylor talking in the back of my head while I listened to the chatter of the audience before me. Although I couldn't make out half of what they were saying, I still zoned out on their talking. Then, I saw Mr. Campbell come out from behind the curtain with a bunch of white square boxes. Then at that point, I realized what they were.

I found out that the white square boxes were awards for the choir and band after Mr. Taylor stopped talking he started to hand out awards to the choir, and there were a lot. Mr. Campbell started to hand out awards to the band and he started with improvement awards and a few people got those. "This award goes to someone who helps me out a lot in class and has improved very much this year. I had no idea who this was going to then he said and "the person who gets the director's award is Emma Heck." I was still a little zoned out, and it took me a minute to understand that I got the award. I had to walk over to the other side of the stage to get my award, and I was smiling really big.

I felt so happy to get my award, but then at the same time I felt bad because not everyone of my friends got one. So, I tried not to brag or make a big deal out of it. I felt kind of weird because my step-Dad called me the teacher's pet because Mr. Campbell told everyone I helped him out a lot in class. I just like band that's all because not everyone can say they can play an instrument. I can, I can say that. People ask me all the time why don't I quit band and I always answer because I like playing the clarinet. It can get hard sometimes to play, but then I learn how to play them. I may not be the best, and I'm not even close. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't give up on something you really like even if people say it's dumb that's just their opinion. Plus if you really like it why would it matter what people say.

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Animal Abuse of The World

By: Emma Heck

It seems like our world is becoming more intense and so are the people who live in it. They are doing horrible things that affect many people. We are falling apart as a nation, country, and world. We have wars, hunger, and people being killed. Why are people abusing animals, children, and adults? Innocent human beings and defenseless animals that are alone and get treated unfairly, harshly, and are neglected. The people who abuse animals have different reasons why they do it and the poor animals have many different organizations to help. This happens in many places way too much.

People abuse animals for many reasons, even though it isn’t right to abuse those poor creatures people still put them through pain. The abusers might have experienced harmful abuse themselves as a kid or an adult. They try to find a object or living thing to take all the pain out of their system. Then there are some humans think that animals don’t deserve respect, these people are probably self-centered and think the world revolves around them. Some people even post videos on the internet for amusement by making the viewer feel uncomfortable. Mainly people just like to see living things in pain. Some of these people do it for fun because they're bored or just plain want to have fun. No one has any reason to abuse or be rude to these animals.

This problem has a lot of organizations supporting these poor animals. ASPCA is one of the biggest animal rescue organizations in the U.S. They have project where you pay 60 cents a day and that goes to them rescuing abused and neglected animals everyday. Another organization is the Humane Society of The United States. They are the largest and most effective animal protection organization. They save animals such as puppy mills and animal fighting plus many more places that harm animals. They save more than 100,000 animals per year. WWF stands World Wildlife Funds and they work in 100 countries also they are supported by 1.1 million members in the United States and close to 5 million in the world. All these organizations protect animals as much as they can. This situation happens in many different places. In Netherland over the last 10 years there has been really bad reports of animal abuse. A few years ago there was a woman who killed animals for art and sold them at art auctions. Even in Bulgaria they are known for poisoning stray cats and dogs also killing them by hanging them upside down on trees and bridges. They have a contest where they spin dogs on a line over a river or lake. Egypt has even children under the age of 10 abusing animals. They throw kittens on the ground and toss the poor animal until it dies. They have animal rights being established unlike many other countries in our world. This even happens in our most beautiful parts of the world like Spain. Many families have their own slaughter house for killing helpless animals from the forest and the hold bullfights.

People are abusing more and more everyday and they don’t even care who or what they are effecting. This is an important problem that needs to be fixed with the help of you the reader by donating or helping your community animal protection program. This happens way too often in too many places. You can help these poor, abused, hurt animals today.

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Argumentative Essay

  Harmful Chemicals

By: Emma Heck

Everywhere I look I see people walking or sitting with this little tube like thing in their mouth. They quickly take it out and blow this white cloud of smoke into the air and repeat this process over and over again then they just smash it. I think this is a stupid act. Don’t they know they are hurting their bodies? Don’t they know they are harming others around them? The act of smoking has been around for almost 2,000 years and even though more people have been quitting there are still millions of people who smoke in the world and they are harming adults and even children. I believe that smoking and tobacco products should become illegal in our country and our world.

Smoking has many bad effects for instance getting diseases such as cancer is a big problem in our country today. You can get cancer anywhere in your body from smoking or using tobacco products. If you ever got cancer from smoking the chemicals in smoke can stop your body from fighting the deadly disease. Today, smoking or using any kind of tobacco is estimated to increase the risk of stroke 2 to 4 times. This is scary to think of because more and more people are dying each day and barely anyone is trying stopping it from happening. People smoking cigarettes, pipes, or cigars cause more than 480,000 deaths in The United States. Studies have shown that if nobody smoked one of every three-cancer deaths would not happen.

Second hand smoke is one of the most serious problems in our world. It can come from cigarettes and anything that is related to them. Most of the smoke that has many harmful chemicals in it doesn’t go into the person's lungs. Most of it goes into the air where anyone around them can breathe in the dangerous smoke. If you are even just standing next to the smoker you are in danger of being a victim of second hand smoke Children who live with parents who smoke are more at risk to be the victims of this act. I believe that children shouldn’t be exposed to smoke because they will be more likely to start when they are teens.

Which brings me to the point that almost 3,900 children-teens try their first cigarette under the age of 18. More than 950 become daily smokers. Many parents buy their children cigarettes. Those parents are irresponsible and hurting their children even more. Studies have shown that 1.5 million packs of cigarettes are purchased for minors every week. Some other reasons are that smokers who start smoking early die 13-14 years earlier than non-smokers. They are harming their life expectancy and their chance to live a good life. Plus 30% of teens die early from smoking-related diseases. School shootings, robberies, and much more risky behaviors have smoking behind them because some people think that if they smoke they can do anything they want.

Some people might say that people being forced to quit smoking will have a hard time and won’t want to give up something that they have done for so long. There are many resources and ways to help you quit the addicting habit. There are organizations and methods such as chewing gum instead of smoking. They will have a harder time quitting if they have smoked or used tobacco for a long period of time, but that just means they would need more help from people who can help them quit.

It might be a long shot to want this world to be smoke free but it’s not impossible. It might be just those strangers walking down the sidewalk that keeps smoke in this world. If we make smoke and tobacco illegal we can get our world a step closer to clean air and healthy people. I strongly believe that smoking and tobacco products are harming everything on and about this earth. So are you going to harm the world or protect it?

My Springtime Poem

Spring Life

I watched with my eyes

as water trickled out

of the spout

of that watering can

On a sunny day in may.

In the brown dirt

was a daisy seedling round

and innocent like a little baby.

The stem that was once a tiny seed

was sticking out of the ground,

a light shade of green

That was once round and brown.

The stem was forming every day,

it now had tiny white petals.

When one day the clouds released gallons

of water on the white daisy that was soaked

by the time the storm had passed.

In July that white daisy

had started to hang its head down.

It wasn’t long before it was just a weed

sticking out of the ground,

only for it to grow again next may.

If it wasn’t for that

little green watering can

with water trickling out that

Flower wouldn’t have been there and living.

I watched with my eyes

as water trickled out of

the spout

of that watering can

on a sunny day in may.

-Emma Heck

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