Myth Busters Revelation – All You Misbelieved About Laser Hair Removal

The world of cosmetic surgery has always been surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. People cite the many bad effects that may occur from changing your natural look. They talk about surgeries gone bad. And then there is the internet that is fraught with misinformation about various beauty procedures available and used to allow people to correct their facial deformities and attain the beautiful looks they always desired. One such misunderstood procedure happens to be laser hair removal.

This permanent epilating solution happens to be the best solution possible for people who want to get rid of unwanted hair. No matter what part of the body you want to treat, this procedure can completely remove those unwanted strands without causing any discomfort. In case you have any doubts about laser hair removal procedures, all your misconceptions will be resolved right here.

Myth: Not safe for all skin types

Fact: Laser hair removal is a proven safe procedure that is known to not cause any lasting side effects or discomfort to the person on whom the treatment is administered. The suitability of the treatment to your skin type however, depends upon the type of laser system being used. As long as the right combination is being utilised by your surgeon, there should be no complications at all!

Myth: Laser can cause more hair to grow

Fact: Think about it.. If laser was capable of causing more hair to grow, the millions of people dealing with hair fall would have had the treatment administered to their scalps! Laser hair removal works by destroying the very root of your hair follicles. This way, your unwanted hair fall off and do not come back. In some cases, there have been instances of relapse after a laser sitting but the hair that come back are usually very thin and light and are subsequently dealt with by supplemental laser treatment.

Myth: Lasers are equally effective for all hair types

Fact: This myth actually hides one of the downsides of laser hair removal. Different types of hair colour and texture responds differently to laser treatment. In fact, thick black hair is considered to be the most suitable for this treatment. Besides that, your skin type and color also plays a vital role in determining the effectiveness of the treatment. Dark, thick hairs on light tone are best targeted by all types of laser.

Myth: Laser hair removal will expose you to harmful radiation

Fact: Here you will have to understand that this is a procedure that has been deemed as safe by all the authorities you can think of. All the FDA-accredited laser systems for removing unwanted hair have been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for not emitting harmful radiations. The laser beam simply heats the hair follicles enough to a level that they lose their ability to re-grow. No harmful radiations are involved whatsoever!

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