Italy and Benito Mussolini

Mattie Hice

25 facts

•leader of the national fascist party

•On 24 July 1943, soon after the start of the Allied inaction of Italy Mussolini was defeated and the King had him arrested the following day.

•Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939, starting WW2.

•He ruled constitutionally until 1925, when he dropped all pretense of democracy and set up a legal dictatorship. Known as 1 Duce " the leader" Mussolini was one of the key figures in the creation of fascism.

• A few months later, he became the leader of the Italian Social group a German client regime in northern Italy.

•died in 1945.

•On 12 September 1943, Mussolini was rescued from prison in the Gran Sasso raid by german special forces.

•On October 1922, he became the youngest Prime Minister in Italian history

•UK refused to accept German proposals for a peace

•So, Germany invasion of the UK did not proceed, and the war continued.

10• In late April 1945, with total defeat looming, Mussolini attempted to escape north.

•he was captured near Lake Como by Italian Patricians.

• Mussolini was born in Dovia di predappio

•on 29 July 1883

•in other words , "Duce's town"

•His father Alessandro Mussolini was a blacksmith and a socialist

•His mother Rosa Mussolini was a devoutly Catholic school teacher.

•some called his mom née maltoni

• his siblings were Arnaldo and Edvige

•Mussolini was not baptized at birth and would not be until much later in life.

•As a compromise, Mussolini was sent to a boarding school.

•After joining a new school, Mussolini achieved good grades, and qualified as an elementary schoolmaster in 1901.

•In 1903, he was arrested by the Bernese police because of his advocacy of a violent general strike, spent two weeks in jail, was deported to Italy, set free there, and returned to Switzerland.

•Since condition for being pardoned was serving in the army, on 30 December 1904, he joined the corps of the Bersaglieri in Forlì.

•After serving for two years in the military (January 1905-September 1906), he returned to teaching.

•As a result, he was rewarded the editorship of the Socialist Party newspaper Avantí Under his leadership, its circulation soon rose from 20,000 to 100,000.