The Moon's Importance!

Claire Orscheln
7th Hour

Have you even looked up in the sky at night and see the moon and think to your self what it like up there? I have and today I'm going to explain to you the different phases of the moon as well as tides and eclipses. The moon is an amazing thing and I think everyone should learn a few things about the moon and how if effects us everyday. Hopefully after u read this you will understand the effect the moon has on us on earth. Not everyone has the chance to go to the moon but everyone has the chance to learn about the moon.

The photos of the moon are very interesting. First off how can the moon have 8 different phases in a month? It seems impossible but if you check every night it changes. Next time your outside look up and see what phase the moons on. They effect us on earth because the moon is our light at night and when the moon is black and new it's hard to see without a street light or any source of light. You don't realize how the phases effect you until their gone.

There are many different kinds of tides. Tides occur because the sun and the moon and earth all rotate and the tides change when the moon rotates. Different tides occur everyday as the moon orbits earth. It effects us on earth because when the tide goes down you might not have the ocean right next to you. It could be two miles away during a low tide and right next to you during a high tide.

Eclipses are so interesting to see. They are very rare and you'll be lucky to see one in your life time. They occur when the sun and earth and the moon are lined up and the moon blocks the sun or earth blocks the sun. If effects us on earth because when an eclipse occurs the moon isn't the same. The moon is orange/red and is very bright. They request that you wear safety glasses.

The moon is very important in many different ways. The moon is a huge flashlight in the sky. People look at it without even thinking about it. I can't imagine life without a moon. The night sky would be black. there would be no tides and no more eclipses to see. You might not realize how special it is until it's gone.

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