the visionary period

Aaliyanna Redding

The person listed has developed an innovation for television during the visionary period.List the development and the year it was created.

person                             year                                   development

Eugene Goldstein        1876                                  cathode rays

Sheldon Bidwell           1881                                  telephotography

Paul Nipkow            1881                                 electric telescope

List and describe the two paths that were developed for television systems.

Mechanical television-based on Nipkow's rotating disks

Electric television-based on the cathode ray tube work done independent in 1901 by English inventor A.A Campbell Switon and Russian scientist Boris Rosing.

What two first did Charles Jenkins claim in regard to American television?

-He received the first license for w3xx (1928),operating out of wheton md

-he broadcast the first television commercial in 1930,for which he was promptly fined by the federal radio commission, the producer  of the FCC

How did radio networks develop during the years 1916-1935?

the introduction of the vacuum -tube amplification for telephone lines allowed AT&T to experiment with sending speeches to distant audiences that listened  over loud speakers. The next step would be to use the lines to inter connect radio stations ,and December1921 ,the memo written by two AT&T engineers ,J. F Brantley and H . C Lauderback out lined the establishment of a national radio network ,financially supported by adverting  General electric , Westinghouse and RCA responded by forming their own radio network, however, unable to match AT&T progress ,in 1926 they bought  out AT&T's progress in 1926 they bought out AT&T's network operations ,which were reorganized to form the national broadcasting company. Creating competing national networks  proved difficult ,and over the next decade only two others would be established the Columbia broadcasting system in1927,andthe mutual broadcasting system in 1934.

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