Wilson A2000

By:Kaeden Bujak Ms. Hamerle 10/29/13


Diving catches, amazing plays is what this glove can do. A Wilson A2000 costs $275- $500 if you want to know more information on this glove keep reading some things I will teach you are “types of gloves” “why you should buy it” “breaking it in” “ major leagues”


The Wilson A2000 is a custom glove made with custom leather.

Type of gloves

DP-15 stands for Dustin Pedoria #15 they have long laces and are 11.0 or 11.5 size in glove he plays second base. Brian Wilson a closer for the san Fransicso giants his gloves pockets are closed because all pitchers have them so batters can’t see what pitch they are going to throw.

Why you should buy one

If you get this glove it’s going to stop balls without it fumbling around in your glove, also the glove is custom made. And it is custom leather so when somebody hits those rockets right back to you it won’t hurt because the leather is padded.

Breaking it in

When you get this glove the first thing you should do is play catch and break it in the way you want it EXAMPLES: outfield the thumb part of the glove meets the pinkie. Infield you want the thumb to go over the pinkie. You should oil your glove every 5-6 months. If you have a ball mallet just sit and pound your glove 5-10 minutes.

Major leagues

Major League Baseball players use the Wilson A2000 because the leather is custom leather. Major leaguers during spring training have day called “glove day” and they get 2-3 each glove is around $275-$500


Now that you have more information on this gloves you maybe starting to think about buying one. Some things I taught you were “types of gloves” “major leagues” “breaking it in” “why you should buy one”. Be ready to make those amazing plays!


Leather: is something off of a cow

Ball mallet: a stick with a ball at the end of it

Training: means when you’re working to achieve something

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