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UTSA History

Found in 1969 by the Texas Legislature. By 1973 more than 670 students have enrolled in the school with 52 faculty workers. The first students attended school at the Kroger Center where there were the following masters provided: Business Administration, education, bicultural bilingual studies, English as a second language, environmental management, spanish, biology, mathematics and system design. With a total of 38 approved degree plans.

1973 began the construction on UTSA Original campus now know as the main campus now. 1975 classes began on the main campus for business, fine and applied arts,science and mathematics,humanities and social science, and multidiciplinary studies. This led to the expansion of the campus in its size and graduates. Contributing to the opening of the John Peace library/administration office. The 80's began the participation in the NCAA Division 1 competing. In the 90's UTSA began to offer classes downtown. Texas legislature allocated $71.5 million to UTSA and $21 million towards the downtown campus.

2000's to current day UTSA elected their fifth president. Academic recognition expanded to six studies: business, education and human development, engineering,liberal and fine arts, sciences, and public policy. Developing strong graduate programs. Celebrating 45 years in 2014 the college has made a hug impact on the communities around them. holding 50 doctoral degrees as of the year of 2015

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Letter of Recommendation

To Whom it May Concern

Ms. Jade’ Williams is a hard working, talented, and dedicated individual who will be an asset to your company. I had the privilege of being her supervisor while she worked here at Chase. She was definitely a trusted employee with maximum potential. Over the two years of work we have developed a good relationship as my employee and a friend. Ms. Williams will most definitely be a great add on to your company.

Over the two years Ms. Williams has been here she has impressed and reached above all standards. Her knowledge of math is remarkable. During her training, I checked her work and her numbers were always correct. Errors do not exist in her vocabulary. Ms. Williams will recalculate over and over to make sure the client knows the exact amount of money that was needed to be known. What tops it off is that she is a leader. Co-workers look up to her and seek assistance from her when it is needed. In return, Ms. Williams is always delighted to help. She is indeed a useful employee that your company will honor and love.

Ms. Williams will definitely be one choice with no regrets afterward. As her supervisor she learned from me but I also learned as well. She has a young, bright mind full of knowledge and new ideas to better this field. Hiring her would be an investment into your company and will help better it. It has been an honor working with Ms. Jade’ Williams and i highly recommend her for your company. For further reference please feel free to email me at


A’Layjah Brown

Supervisor at Chase Banks

(915) 555-0000

El Paso, Tx 79938

Admission Requirements

Campus Life

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Business Management

As a business managers help business's grow into there full potential at a healthy pace they overlook all of the business work. They hire people and look up to the higher power for more general direction according to the business's operations of business. They keep records and plan for the companies upcoming events to assure things go by smoothly. They work full time at the least a 40 hours week but they usually put in more work and effort than the there to maintain good business procedures. Getting paid around $81,080 annually as of 2012. The current salary as pertains to the success and lack of success shown in the progress of the business pertaining you effort towards changes.

Job Requirements...

To become a business manger you need a high school diploma, a Bachelors in administration, and work experience under or as a manger. Specific requirements associated with the manger level and business classification.


Cover Letter

Good Morning Isaac,

I am applying for your now hiring position of Business management job opportunity we spoke on the phone about on April 29, 2015.

Previously stated I currently have a bachelor's degree in Business and am pursuing a master in Management. As experience I have held the position as Shift Manager at Chase banking over the course of two years. Now that i am coming close to the closing of my masters degree I would like to pursue a more long term career. With my sufficient amount of knowledge in the actual work field i am prepared to take on the business world and take small businesses and create empires. I have a strong passion for business and i also love being a great and humble leader. As a young adult working at Chase Banking I made it my pursuit to become a manager. After a superb demonstration of hard work, natural leadership, and great work ethic i was granted a once in life opportunity. I have no doubt that if the right amount of effort is added that anything can be done. In all reality business is just a playing field and those who have the knowledge play their hands right and deal the game carefully. Its up to me as your Business consultant to guide you through the obstacles with the least amount of mistakes as possible. As a people person i will naturally get your business the opportunities to take you as a company where you need to be. I wont ever settle for mediocre but aspire to go way beyond that. Once hired we are now partners and are on a mission towards one things and one thing only Success. As soon as I'm on board we gain a narrow tunnel vision towards our goals blocking out all distractions.

Your Business can be totally different with the right person in charge. I believe i am well equipped for this job opportunity because I have great experience with starting things up from nothing and progressing them into more. In this modern world everyone has dreams. THe competition is fierce. Only a few will make it and this is your chance to be apart of the elite few. Please contact me for an interview if needed before job acceptance at

Thank you for reading my cover letter and i hope it interest you in continuing me in the job hiring process. I apologize for not preparing a cover letter earlier my sincerest for the inconvenience.

Jade’ Williams

2244 Tierra counting drive



Work Cited

Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition, Administrative Services Managers,
on the Internet at (visited May 22, 2015).

Persuasive Essay

Nelson Mandela states, “ Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world.” As a little girl i was raised to believe that with education can take you anywhere, allow you to do anything, and be anything.To this day I 100% have faith in that because i have seen where education has taken people. The effect it has on those who work hard is more than evident in their everyday life. I take my education very seriously and I am counting on it to take me where i need to be in the future. I am looking forward to collecting a large majority of scholarships and will be honoured to receive my first one from your organization. I am the best candidate for this scholarship because I wont take advantage of the opportunity and am determined to fulfill my dream ten folds over.

Particularly speaking I have always wanted more than I had and wouldn't stop till i had it. Whether that being a good or bad thing as a child i was taught that if you want something so bad you wont take no for an answer. That statement opened up eyes to a lot of things. From that moment on i never took no for an answer. Something somehow can always be worked out to have a good outcome. Recognizing the positivity in situations makes things easier to deal with. My determination has taken me many places in life and will be the gas that will fuel my journey towards complete success.

More important I wont ever take your generous offer for granted making sure the scholarship is used to its highest potential.I will use your scholarship wisely, putting it to good use not only for my own benefit but those of the community and hopefully the world. Itll be a great investment of something bigger than just college. A life changing investment into the future. I desire so much for myself from little goals to lifetime aspirations. By gaining this scholarship itll be the first step onto the path of high learning. I will never forget this opportunity and will make it my duty to repay the organization with the sponsorship of my first success business followed by many more to come.

In conclusion I am the best candidate for you scholarship because i am extremely determined and won't take advantage of your generous opportunity. The chance to submit my application and essay is already an honor and I thank you for considering me. I strongly believe in the power of education and by granting me the scholarship you will be giving me more power to change the world into a better place for all people. I take great pride in my work for I have faith itll earn me what i truly deserve. Please take this opportunity to change the world by this simple distribution of money i promise you wont regret it. A great quote by Benjamin Franklin reads “A investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

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