Edgar Allan Poe's Writing and Career

Edgar Allen Poe was great writer. He wrote poems and some horror stories. Edgar had poems about a lot of things like ravens, detectives, and horror sences. This was were his career took off. The poem the Raven was about this raven that would come to the door late at night and knock his wings on the door and scare the person inside. Edgar Allen Poe also did a lot of fictional poems and had a lot of suspension in his poems.

Edgar Allen Poe, called by many "The Father of The Detective Story's." He started writing the detective story's and that is how the detective story's started taking off with lots sales.

He wrote lots of poems.  This one here is called, "Alone", it is about him as a kid  being alone and how he was alone a lot.  And being alone a lot made him more confortable with being alone, and thats what he got use to