the culture of the sloth

    This culture is based on sloths.  The sloth culture is vary unique they have a diet of twigs and leaves.  these leaves are vary good for a sloth it gives him the energy to chill and to hang around.  The twigs are good for their nails it helps them grow and it also makes them strong so they can hold on to trees better.  These foods are good for the sloth and they never tired of these foods.

   All sloth family's live in big tree houses that are called "walkatalkas".  Every family has the same exact walkatalka because sloth love matching each other.  Every walkatalka has a 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms and a kitchen.  They live in small villages up in the trees.  These houses are vary good for the sloth because it's easy for the to get around their houses.

  Time to talk about their religion.  Their religion is based on speed because they believe that when a sloth dies they go to a land where they are given super speed. This land is ruled by a sloth they "mega sloth".  Mega sloth is the fastest sloth and he is also 8feet tall.  Even if some sloths don't believe in it they put their hope in to it.

  Their language is the hardest to learn in the world.  Their language is nuthen but slurs.  Even if you try to learn it you wouldn't learn it form a sloth because it is against their religon to teach the outsiders.  They also don't read like us they read from right to left. It is vary fun to hear them speak their language with such pazzaz.

There you have it. That is what I know about the slothick culture. I highly suggest you check out the slothick culture. Go to your library or go on the internet to learn more about slothick. Thank you for your time and have a good day.

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