Five cool things Google can do

By Heath Raiford

Tip 1 - Zerg Rush


Typing Zerg Rush into the search bar will cause O's to appear that attack the text.  Gamers familiar with StarCraft will relate.  Triple click on each O to destroy.

Tip 2 - Barrel Roll

If you "Barrell Roll" is typed into the Google Search bar, the entire screen will roll 360 degrees.

Tip 3 - Atari Breakout

Search Google Images using the words "Atari breakout" and Google will turn the screen into an actual Atari Breakout game.  User can play as long as desired.

Tip 4 - Calorie Counter

Let Google help your dieting by checking calories counts for any food.  Did you eat a hamburger for lunch?  Stop off at the gym on the way home to burn 303 calories on the treadmill.

Tip 5 - Weather

Google allows anyone to check the current weather anywhere in the world.  Just type the word, weather, and the geographical location of choice into the search bar,.

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