My Favorite Season

BY: Daniel Tran

That time of the season where you can smell chocolate everywhere you go and the smell of the pine tree in your house with red,green, and blue lights on them. So have you guys guess what season i’m talking about?

My favorite season colors are red,green and especially white. When you go outside you might see red and green but not always, the color white you will see them everywhere on trees, roofs, and the ground. Also you can see icicles on every house and the ground or very slippery.

The sound of my favorite season is the sound of holidays carolers going door to door, jingles bell ringing, and one of my most favorite sound of my season is sneakers squeaking, buzzer buzzing, and the sound of crowd cheering.

The foods that I have for my favorite season is hot chocolate, muffin top beef stew, chicken pot pie chocolate cake, and my favorite eggnog. Also, the food that I taste during my season is mint candy.

My favorite season feel cold and if you don't have enough warm clothes on you can get frostbite. Also my favorite temperature can go as low as -10 up to around 45 fahrenheit and that is sometime the highest degree so yeah it pretty cold during my favorite season.  

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