Wilderness of The Ocean

It's said that to date, we have explored less than five percent of the ocean. Earth's oceans make up 70% of the surface of our planet and with less than five percent explored, it is the largest unexplored body in the world. So when we say something is wild, we associate it with something that has not been tamed by humanity. Humans have seen and mapped all the land mass on earth. Saying something is wild on the surface, means its domain is untamed by humans, where nature and animals pose a lethal threat. However, when when we say that a place is wild on land, we know its location and its ecosystem. We call the safari the wild but its a location that has a name and catalog of the species that live there. The definition of wild holds a much more mysterious meaning when we talk about the oceans however. Earth's oceans hold so much mystery, especially in the deep. New species are being discovered with every deep dive into the deepest parts of the ocean. It is because we know so little about this place that we become so fascinated by it. We are naturally curious about things we do not understand and the world under the ocean holds so much fascination. Our curiosity in the oceans is why shows like Shark Week, Blue Planet, and Sea Monsters are so popular. These shows bring to us "the wild" of the our oceans. We show interest in these shows because the ocean is the one thing that our species has not completely conquered. It is so vast and hard to explore that it remains one true alien place on our earth. That is why the show Shark Week can use its production capabilities to make fictional documentaries of mythical creatures like the mermaid. It is widely believed that mermaids are only part of legend, but there are also many people out there that do believe in mermaids. Shark Week uses the vast lack of knowledge of our oceans to connect with people around the world through their show and showcase the "wild" or "mysterious" parts of our oceans. With only 5 percent of it explored and not even close to the discovery of all marine life, who could without a doubt prove that mermaids do not exist?