A solvent or other material producing vapor inhaled by drug abusers.

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Examples of Inhalants (Some Household Items) :

1. Hair-Spray

2. Paint

3. Oils

4. White-Out

5. Aerosols

Effects (Reasons why you shouldn't inhale them in) :

1. Blindness

2. Death

3. Comas

4. Brain/Body Damage

5. Liver Damage

Safe Rules and Practices:

1. Don't inhale inhalants on purpose

2. If you are in a room that is being painted, you should at least wear a mask, or just leave that are for the time being

3. Don't be in a area with many inhalants in the air

4. Read warnings and labels on packages

5. Put stickers on items that are inhalants, so you'll know what is dangerous and what isn't

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