Joystick 2

What is it?

My project is a joystick. When you move the joystick it acts the same as pressing the arrow keys on a computer. My joystick is 3D printed and uses MaKey MaKey so it can work.

Why did you make it?

I made my joystick to improve my old joystick. My old one was made of cardboard and did not work very well. I improved my old joystick by 3D printing my new one. Because my joystick was 3D printed, the length of the sides are equal, and the joystick is sturdier than my first joystick.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

I faced multiple problems when creating my joystick. One of the problems I face was when I 3D my joystick the first time it did not print correctly. This was because I tried to print the stick that you move around with the box. To solve this problem I removed the stick and only printed the box, because the tall thin cylinders do not print very well. Then, I faced my next problem. Because I did not print my stick, I needed something to replace it. I then got a pencil of around the same size. My pencil was too thin and moved too freely. To solve this I wrapped my joystick in paper. Next, I needed to wire my stick. Before my wires came out of the top, but I cannot do this because my joystick has no holes except for where the stick goes. To solve this I wrapped my entire stick in tinfoil instead of just the bottom. Another problem I face was that my scratch game did not used the arrow keys. I solved this problem by changing the controls.

What did you like/dislike about the project?

I liked how my joystick works with the game I made, other games that use the arrow keys, and I can use it for my future games. I do not like how if I use it a lot I need to wrap it with more tinfoil.

My game:

My smaller prototype
My joystick