Clear Brook High School
15-16 Back-to-School Update

First Day Information

On the first day of school, August 24th, all students should report to CBHS (even if you are in dual credit).  Alphabetical lists will be posted around campus with the students advisory teacher and room #.  All students should report to advisory before the tardy bell at 7:20.  Schedules and advisory teachers may change between registration and the first day, so we need everyone to check the list.  In advisory, the students will receive their OFFICIAL schedule -students should follow this schedule (not the one they received at registration).  We spend about 20-30 minutes in advisory and then students report to first period and follow their regular schedule.

BUSES:  If your student rides the bus, please go to the Transfinder site (on the district website under the transportation department) to get your bus number and pick up times.  The link to Transfinder is  If your student waits until 2:30 to figure out what bus they ride, it will probably be too late and they will miss it.  

DUAL CREDIT:  Morning dual credit students will report to advisory at CBHS and then sit in the commons during 1st and 2nd period (their dual credit periods).  San Jac is aware of this procedure.  Afternoon dual credit students will report to San Jac after 5th period for their regularly scheduled class.  

On the second day of school, and everyday thereafter, students will report to first period before the 7:20 tardy bell.  Dual credit students will report to San Jac for class.  If students arrive at CBHS before the bell for 3rd period - they must wait in the commons (and only the commons) until class change.  

SCHOOL SERVICE:  Seniors with school service on their schedule will report to room 116 during their aide period so they can be assigned their location. Ms. Ruiz will be there to assist you.

OFF CAMPUS CLASSES:  Students who travel to other campuses for programs such as auto tech, bio med, etc. should also report to room 116 and see Ms. Caroccio.  

TARDIES:  CBHS begins counting tardies on Thursday, August 27th.  3 days has proven to be plenty of time for students learn their schedule.  If a student is having a hard time getting to a particular class on time, they need to see their AP.  We will determine if they need to take a different route to class or if they need a little grace period for a particular class due to construction or distance.  

LOCKERS:  Lockers will be assigned upon request.  However, if a student had a locker last year, they will have the same locker again with the same combination.  Students can get their locker information before school, after school, or during lunch in the office.  We have a big sign in the commons that shows where to go for lockers and ID's.

ID's:  If your student did not pick up their ID at registration or needs to get a new one made.  They can always come into the office before school, after school, or during lunch to the office that handles lockers and ID's.  There will be a sign indicating the office.  If students require a new ID, they cost $5.  

TEXTBOOKS:  Textbooks will be issued during the first two weeks of school in room 260B.  Students are NOT required to check out books.  After the first two weeks of school, students should report to the Locker/ID office and one of the ladies will be able to help them.  Students can only check books out before school, after school, or during their lunch.  

LAPTOPS:  If your student did not receive their laptop at registration, they will be able to get one once school starts.  Beginning Tuesday, August 25, we will begin calling students to the library to get their laptops.  If they are new to CCISD, they will be given an appointment card to return to get the laptop because we have to set them up in the system and that process takes about 2 hours.  Students who have already been in CCISD and received a tablet will be given their laptop on Tuesday.   After Tuesday, any students needing laptop help should report to the library and the help center which we call the "Brook Station".  It is open all year so our students can get technology help.  

LIBRARY:  The library will NOT be open the first week of school as we are still unpacking.  We will let the students know when it is open.  We promise to unpack as quickly as possible because we know how much our kids love the library.  Students who need to go to the Brook Station will be allowed entry to the library.  

PARENT PICK UP/DROP OFF:  Parents should not drop off kids in the front of the school.  This became a huge problem last year.  All students should be dropped off behind the school.  Please be careful and drive safely.

Did you Miss Registration?

If you were unable to come to registration on the 12th.  Please fill out the VERIFICATION forms in skyward  Do not click the new student enrollment button unless you are new to CCISD.  If you do not have access to skyward - please call us @ 281-284-2100 and we will connect you with a secretary who can help you get access.  We are open 5 days a week from 7-3 now.  The link is also located on the district website - just click the LinkEd In hyperlink under the For Parents information.  See the picture below.  

SCHOOL PICTURES:  Pictures will be taken again later in the school year.  Notifications will go out.

EXTRACURRICULAR FEES - There are NO extracurricular fees this year! They were implemented a few years ago due to the legislative budget cuts. Dr. Smith and the board reevaluated our financial situation and decided the fees were no longer necessary! Thank you!

PARKING - Student parking is open in the front of the school.  The new section does not have lines painted yet as the concrete needs to cure, but they will be painted soon.  Please park responsibly.  The front entrance is open and our new secure entrance will be up and running.  There will still be fences out front due to continuing construction, but that process will continue throughout the year.  

PARKING PERMITS - Parking permits will be sold the first two weeks of school during lunches only. Please have proof of insurance, valid drivers license, and plate number, along with $35. After the first 2 weeks, students without permits will be issued tickets or towed. All student parking is located in the front of the school.  

TO GET TO SKYWARD CLICK THE LinkEd tab under for parents or in the district quick links.

Parent Volunteers

All parent volunteers for CBHS, it's clubs, athletics, and booster clubs, must register in our new parent volunteer system.  You can find the link at You can also find the form on the CCISD website by click on "For Communities" and then click "Volunteer Opportunities".  For the safety and security of our students and staff, CCISD conducts criminal background checks on volunteers.  Thank you.  

Where is the office?

We are back in our usual space.  Please enter through the front of the campus at our normal entrance.  The doors by the counseling center will be locked.  We are still working on some cosmetic changes due to construction, but the areas are usable.  

The counseling center will remain in the portable buildings for the entire 2015-2016 school year.  

School Lunch/Meal Benefits

July 22nd Construction Update