An app so cool you will want to use it!

What is it?

Educreations is an app (there is a website as well) that creates videos from the audio and animated content you put on the screen . What your viewer sees is a whiteboard that is being drawn or typed on while hearing the voice narrate. Here is an example:

What do I do to get it?

First, you will want to sign up for a teacher account at . This will allow you to create content. You will also have the option of creating classes. This will allow you to have different content accessible to different classes or students. You can also let your students join your class and create an account as well. I HIGHLY recommend doing this!

What's the advantage to student accounts?

As you can see, the real power of the app is that it is a way for teachers to see/hear/and record the thought process of our students. Once they are joined to your class, their work shows up automatically. Threre is really a million ways you could use this app in your class:

  • solving word problems
  • peer editing
  • timelines
  • digital stories
  • how tos
  • portfolios
  • create book covers/posters
  • label photos
  • take notes

Next steps?

After you have signed up for your account, create a class. Each class you create will have a unique join code.

Next, have your students register. I suggest having them use first name, last inital, @LWE (for example hollyb@lwe) and telling everyone to use 654321 for the PW.

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