My Journey!

                                  Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as long as you live..

                                                                 ~Johnny Depp~

My Past

Me whenever I was about 2!
My sister and I in 2013! :)
The first time Emily and I ever hung out! The summer before 7th grade!
My niece was born in 2014!

My Present

Taylor Swift is a big role model of mine.

My sister and I 3 days ago! :)
My niece now! (2 years old)
My wonderful boyfriend and I :)
Cant wait to beat that record!!!

My Future

My future goal is to go to college at Main university to play Goal keeper like Lauren Swant!
I want to teach Primary Education, preferably first or second grade.

Advice for class of 2019

1. DO NOT procrastinate! Even if you think you can get it done later, do it when you have time.

2. Even if something is late, turn it in! Anything is better than a zero!

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