Proper CD Management

Helping make sure they last

How to properly care for CD's

The proper way to care for a CD, regardless of format, if to return it to its case after you've finished using it. However, if something should happen and the case gets misplaced, having a replacement container, like a CD storage book would help to protect the disk in question.

Now we all know that even if you take precautions to ensure your disk doesn't get damaged, they tend to damage themselves while in use. You can prepare for this little mishap by having a disk repair solution available to you somewhere. These solutions can be a CD resurfacer to repair the clear side of the disk that gets read, or skip fixer that you could get from a local game store, such as GameStop. It is important to note that some damage is irreparable, such as a full ring scratch that circles the entire disk, a deep scratch that allows you to see through the label side of the disk, or scratches that go completely through the disk.

Proper use of disks involve placing them in a proper disk tray which they are meant for. If the disk is a video game meant for the PlayStation 3, then a PlayStation 3 or the disks case is the only place the disk should be placed in. Disks are not to be used as toys, a Frisbee, or throwing stars, especially if the disk if fragmented with sharp edges which could lead to injury or death if thrown.

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