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What Are Thinking Maps?

Thinking Maps are based on 8 cognitive skills

Each visual is linked to a specific thought process. By connecting a concrete visual design with a specific abstract thought process, students create mental visual patterns for thinking.

These patterns empower students with the tools to become independent thinkers.

Thinking Maps are applied in all content areas

Thinking Maps are most effective when used to teach readiness standards or objectives. Disciplinary literacy requires students to think critically, creatively and analytically in all content areas. As students learn different concepts with increasing complexity, they can apply the same patterns for cognition in all areas.

Thinking Maps are used in combinations for depth and complexity

Thinking Maps are most effective when used in combination to fully develop a concept or theme. Analyzing an idea from multiple thought processes helps people develop the depth of thought necessary for making meaning.

I added a link to the bottom of our Tackk....... free resources for Thinking Maps. I have also put an article in your box about using Thinking Maps to close achievement gaps.

    Important Information

    Please mark your calendar for April 24th. We will have a Parent Leader Camp starting at 5:15. We will have 10 min. sessions about the 7 Habits. Dinner will be served at 6:15. When we work out the details....I will let you know. My thoughts are...1st grade Habit 1, 2nd grade Habit 2, etc....K, Special Area and ESE- Can divide and help the other grade levels and/or help with dinner. Habit 6 & 7 will be during dinner...maybe Chorus or another class singing their Habit Song. Your thoughts?

    Are any grade levels doing Service Projects?

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    Monday: Observations begin......



    Thursday: PLC meetings K-3rd grade; Leader of the Month (1st, 2nd, & 3rd)

    Friday: Leader of the Month (K, 4th & 5th)

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    March 2nd:  FSA Writing Begins...wish our 4th and 5th graders good luck!

      March 3rd: MTSS A & B

    March 4th:

    March 5th: PLC mtgs for 4th and 5th; K-2 6 Trait Training in Media Center 2-3

    March 6th:

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    2/26 Stephanie Asselin & 2/27 Jennifer Alexander


    How can you use Thinking Maps in your classroom?

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