Job Interview Tips

1. Revision work is important. Read and understand the four topics, which you have participated, namely Orientation, Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. You can either read from hard copies or from the Internet.
2. Be properly attired for the interview.Nike Air Force 180 Mid Soles 537330-017. Your attire should be neat and clean. Pay attention to your shoes.

3. Arrive early to the venue.
4. Get to know the interviewer’s full name (including correct pronunciation) and his or her title. Greeting is encouraged.
5. Project yourself with enthusiasm. Smile and shake hands firmly. Wait until you are offered a chair before sitting. Sit upright, look alert and interested at all times. Listen carefully and respond. Nike Air Max 95 EM Mujeres Rosa W554971-084. Look the interviewers in their eyes while speaking.

6. Be sincere and truthful while focusing on answering the questions asked.
7. Do not answer with a simple “yes” or “no.” Explain whenever possible. If you do not understand a question – or need a moment to think about it – say so. Never pretend to know something when you do not.
8. Be prepared to respond to the question, “Tell me about yourself.”
9. Be prepared to describe your most recent Leo activities and projects, which you had participated. 10. Air Jordan 4 Cuero Negro Rojo Costumbre 2014 140108-005. Eye Contact – if you look away while listening, it indicates a lack of interest and a short attention span. Do maintain eye contact while speaking otherwise, it indicates a lack of confidence in what you are saying and can even send the nonverbal cue that you may be lying.

11. Facial Expressions – you do not need to keep the smile plastered on for the full interview, but remember to keep coming back to it.
12. Posture – your posture sends out a signal of your confidence and potential. Stand tall, walk tall, and most of all, sit tall. When standing, stand up straight. When you are seated, make sure you sit toward the front of the chair, leaning slightly forward, moving within an overall range of no more than 10 degrees back or 20 degrees forward, intent on the subject at hand.