By: Aluel W. Tong


Kids, teenagers,moms and dads have an Instagram. Over 1 million people have an instagram. Instagram is a popular app. Once you get an account there are lots of artifacts to explore. There are likes and followers and even picture lots, and lots of pictures. On February 27, 2013, Instagram announced 100 million active users, only two-and-a-half years after the launch of the app. As of September 9, 2013, the company has announced a total of more than 150 million monthly active users. Instagram is a photo sharing mobile app that’s (currently) only available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can either upload a photo from their device’s library or take a photo right then and there and use Instagram to change the way the photo looks. Instagram is a photo-sharing social network on its own.

Having an account:

Having an account is very simple. First you need to download the app and click it and sign up for free. Than you put in your first and last name and even email. Then type in your username it can be made up or real and at least 6 characters for password.Then when you get it, it will say do you want you want your account private or not. If it’s private nobody will see your pictures unless they are following you. Anyway after that it will ask you if you want to follow this user. If you want to log out of it and you want to get back on it then before you log out you have to VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT or you will lose it forever. And then you will have to make another one. And that’s going to be frustrating.


They’re so many people to follow. If it’s your classmates, strangers and even family members. If you want to find the person so you can follow them and you don’t know their user. Then just search up their first and last name. There might be a lot of options if you know who you want to follow then click it. If you want to get lots of follower then you can get an app called Get Followers on Instagram. It’s doesn’t matter who you follow. But you should be careful because there is always bad people or bad things on every social app. You know that everybody has an instagram because It’s a popular app. So if you have 20 step it up a notch and get 50 followers.


The people you follow have pictures some people have good pictures sometimes bad pictures. You don’t know what type of pictures there could be. But they mostly have funny pictures sometimes videos there is also pictures of yourself. Photos can lead to connections and connections lead to communication. Sometimes people report a photo if inappropriate and others. If you want people to see your pictures without following you then you don’t put your account private. People put all sorts of pictures, like funny pictures wild,and even family picture and thoughtful too. Maybe there are out of this world, so go wild and put your picture.


Therefore “Getting more likes on social media makes you happier”. As for the follower app, there is a like app to if you want to get a lot of likes. Sometimes if want to get a lot of likes without using the app or hashtags you can use this app. A hashtag on Instagram (or on Twitter) is the ‘#’ symbol before a word or series of words (all run together without a space). The purpose of the hashtag is to categorize the images and make them searchable. Or if you want to likes with hashtags. then you have to post a picture and a friend or somebody will tag it and it will let you know who did it. If you want get more likes you can post pictures of dogs, cats, pictures of yourself or your family and even funny pictures and others, but those are the top 5 to get a lot of likes.


There is two side some people might like some people might. Which do you choice. There is lots of social media apps that but Instagram is one of them. You decide do you want to an instagram or not. Just make sure that you truly love. But it could get boring after a few weeks or day or even months. I dare you to get an instagram.

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