A day in life of an Indonesia student

Putu Dela Apsari

             Getting ready for school

When Putu wakes up at 5:30 it is always dark! When she wakes up she goes and eats breakfast with her sister, Komang. They eat rice, chicken, vegetables, and ice chocolate milk. When she has time she plays gamelan with her dad, witch is a traditional Balinese music.

                   Praying before school

Before Putu and her sister goes to school they go to the back of there house and pray at the temple around 7:20. Then they go and say goodbye to there mom and there mom gives them blessing for a good day at school.

                           Going to school

At 7:30 Putu's dad takes her and her sister to school on the back of his bike and it takes around 10 minutes to get to school. When they get to school they play games out in the rice fields. They sometimes stretch before school too.


When Putu and her sister start school it is about 10:00 and they learn reading, writing, math, and science! For them school starts early, and it ends early too, but they go to school 6 day a week!

                               Going home

Around 1:00 Putu and her sister get home and take a nap for a few hours because it is to hot to play outside! At 2:00 when they wake up after there nap there dad takes them to dance and pick them up from dance.


At 6:30 Putu and her family eat dinner together. After dinner she washes up and gets ready for bed! Putu and her sister share a bed!

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