Tallahassee, Florida where every kid will  beg to go there
by Mackenzie Peterson and Jose Diaz

map of Florida

Disney world is in Florida. There are pretty beaches that you can let your kids play in the sand while you can relax on pullout chairs.

Physical Features

Florida beach sunset

Florida is hot in the winter it gets up to 109 degrees Florida has a lot of people come their in the winter. the sunset colors are blue,orange,pink,purple,and yellow. also the picture has three palm trees.


Florida in the summer

It gets hot in Florida because of the sun when it shines on the people when they are swimming in the blue clear water. Florida has really clean and clear water and nice soft sand.  

Natural Resources

sugar cane field rainbow over the field

Sugar cane plants have sugar in them. that's how you get sugar. farmers half to cut the sugar canes down with a big knife.  because then sugar if you didn't  have any you would't make things.