Sulfur: The good, The bad, and The yellow
By Taylor Tribble and Alex Peterson

With a density of 2.07 g/cm3, Sulfur is an essential element to our lives. Often found in volcano's Sulfur is know for its role in the making of Gun Powder and Sulfuric acid.

What is Sulfur?

Sulfur is an Element on the Periodic table. known for its pale yellow brittle appearance, Sulfur is an abundant element. Sulfur's chemical symbol is S, it has an atomic mass of 32.06, and the Atomic number is 16. This means that Sulfur has 16 electrons,protons, and neutrons.

A Sulfur atom using the Bohr model.

The Cost

Sulfur costs $24.00 per 100 grams

If you want Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas, its $342.51 per bottle 0.5 lb. (37 liters)

Interesting Facts

  1. Sulfur is a poor conductor
  2. It can combine with most elements
  3. Sulfur is a Latin word that translates to brinestone

Who found Sulfur?

The Chinese in 6th century B.C  knew of Sulfur, but did not have an explanation of what it was. using the element as gun powder and medicine, the Chinese where blissfully unaware of its origins and quality . In 1777 Antionet Lavoisier discovered that Sulfur was an element and not a compound as we previously thought, thus Antionet Lavoisier discovered Sulfur.  

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