How the U.S. Will Try to Stop Ebola

Summary of Event

The U.S. is planning to help stop the spread of Ebola and stop Ebola itself. President Obama wants to send not only the army, but doctors and health officials like they did in Haiti in 2010 when the earthquake hit. The U.S. will be sending 3,000 personal to risk their lives and fight Ebola. If the able to contain and treat the Ebola victims, we may be able to see the death rate caused by Ebola to decrease.

Ideals Related to this Event

Opportunity and equality are related to this event.

Even though Ebola is the cause of so many deaths, it gives us a lot of opportunities to help fight it and find a cure. Also, it gives us a chance to prevent Ebola in the future and make smart and wise decisions. The people in West Africa are the same as the people in the United States and they deserve to be treated equally. That's why the U.S. is sending all of these people to help with the Ebola victims and possibly find a cure and end Ebola once and for all. We know that they need a lot of medical attention and that if our roles were reversed, we would want all the help that we could get.This is why we are going to places like West Africa to aid the people there. Even though we are very different from the people living in West Africa and we may not be the same ethnicity, they are people just like us. In addition, if we do nothing to stop Ebola from spreading, then it's just going to keep spreading until it reaches us too. 

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