A Simple Question

By: Stephanie Nguyen

Cherokee, North Carolina

London, England

I'm tired. I am so tired

Not from a lack of sleep, but from a sheer amount of disbelief

From seeing this water colored world we live in slowly turning into a light shade of tin

Smiles fading to frowns, ups turning into downs

Some of us have lost our spark. Lost our drive, lost our hearts

And frankly, I'm tired of it

I am exhausted by the sight of lives lacking a certain light, especially when each and every one of us deserves that right

Now do me a favor and lend me your ears, keep your eyes peeled, place them here

Poetry and fancy word play on hold, hear is a story I've never told...

Malibu, California

What do you like to do? Now for such a simple question, there are an endless amount of answers. As for me: I like to take photos.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved taking photo. Whether its a picture of my lunch, friends, or even the world around me. It doesn't really matter. If I see a moment worth capturing; I'm going to capture it. Now by no means do I think I'm the best photographer; I know that and I don't let it stop me. I feel like my eyes see the world a little bit different and my camera helps me capture those distictions.

Look closely. There is beauty all around. High up in the sky, down low in the grass. The air around the corner, far out into the distance; there is beauty everywhere. Each subject has many different angles to appreciate. Don't fear an idea. I'll be the first to admit that I go to extreme heights to capture a pictures. I've stood on one too many restaurant chairs and lied down on one too many city streets just because I had an idea. I don't let thought of appearing silly and the weird looks I get stop me from doing what I want to do. Who cares what those people think. Do what you love and love what you do. Drive needs no push, passion means no pull, and motivation only needs you. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." My hope is to leave a thousand questions. But mainly one in particular: What do you like to do?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Life waits for no one. If its not going the way you want it to, if you aren't pursuing what you want to pursue,

If you wake up with immediate dread,

constantly saddened by the hours ahead,

moving through the days feeling lost and holding back what you want to say,

waiting to be yourself another day?

All your dreams and desires put on hold,

to fulfill maybe when you are old?

You aren't doing it right. You aren't living your life.

Eventually is not okay,

Why tomorrow when you have today?

I feel like I'm finding my way,

and I'm just living day by day

I'm doing what I love, I'm being who I want to be.

I simply am happy.

Malibu, California

Las Angelas, California

Winnsboro, Texas

Manhattan, New York

Mount Vernon, Texas

Brooklyn, New York

Brighton, England

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