Paul Nawrocki VS. 1930's

The stock market crash put people out of jobs. People would walk up and down streets looking for work. Photo number one shows a man from the 1930's with a sign on the front of him saying he wants work. It has all his information about experience, how he is, where he lives, and skills. Photo number 2 shows a man named Paul Nawrocki from 2008 walking around it the city with a same kind of sign in front of him stating his experience and etc... They both relate in some type of way. Lately it's hard to get a job and Paul decided to use the 1930's style and thinking outside of the box to find work. For example, families or individuals who could not pay their rent or mortgage lost their homes. Some, paralyzed by fear and humiliation over their sudden misfortune, simply would not move. Their landlord would get an eviction notice and kick them out. In 2008, Paul could not pay for his home, food, and bills. He was almost homeless. But thanks to thinking outside the box, he finally got a job. #bahamsclass3

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