Autonomous University of Sinaloa (CU)

Carrillo Duarte Uriel Cesain   Gpo: 7   Sem.:  IV

The Autonomous University of Sinaloa is an educational institution that is home to more than 100,000 students in different professions and education levels. It has more than 10 faculties and many other spaces that are used for different activities given by this institution. each of the spaces shown in the drawing shown at the top .

The academic tower is one of the most important spaces in CU and where major events are held for the institution . on one side of this complex is the school shoe besides that also form part of campus from other faculties and separated by a street but are part of the whole complex of CU spaces.

Campus has 3 driveways and pedestrian access several strategically located on busy streets and easy access for all people who come to this place to make educational, cultural , sports , etc.

In college town we can find a system construccuion characteristic of the region , a traditional system with reinforced concrete block, brick , etc. all buildings are modulated spaces according to the needs of students who are home . in some playing with the volumes to be an aesthetic project and others just looking to fill a need . CU has a lot of green areas located between fcultades as a way to define spaces as recreational areas for students.

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