To Treat a Friend...

        If it was possible I would take my best friend, the friend I have had the longest and has stayed true to me... the only one of my friends that understands me, I would take Adrien R. M. First I will send him to our home town Mount Hope and there we can play video games for 3 days at my house, and watch anime and a special TV show that only a few people have sen but it is a really good show...

Day 1...

          after an 11-12 minute drive, he ends up at my house where we can instantly start playing video games and the best part is the whole trip is free! first we will set up a LAN sever then we will start on "Blightfall" this game is awesome, then we kick off our late night shows with some anime, then we will go to sleep about 4 Am. then wake up at 9 Am. to start the next day.

-Picture of "Blightfall"-

Day 2...

          On the second day we get up and start over but this time we play some Team Fortress 2 ... then like the previous day at 7 Pm. we start watching anime, this time we will be watching the rest of the last one and be starting a new anime to watch...

-TF2 logo-

Day 3...

          Soon after all of that we play Roblox for about -all day- but this time around 7 Pm. we will continue our shows while we play Roblox, and then he can go home at 2 Am. in the morning, then after he gets home he will have enjoyed a free trip to my house.

-Roblox Logo-

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2 years ago

how did you do that map like that i like it🎩 . 😶 look at hat man

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it didnt work it was going to be under that hat

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