Father of The Declaration of Independence

I was the Father of the Declaration of Independence. I was the 3rd president of the U.S. I lived in Shadwell ,VA and Charlottesville VA.I had 12 handsome and beatiuful grandchildren. Most of them lived with me.I bet you will never see kids like this. I love books, write letters, and play. In my marriage with Martha Wayles, we had 6 kids.

I was deeply engaged in economic theory, which I learned to love during his time in France. I was a friend and translator to leading European theorists; I believed in the free market policies; and I opposed bank notes as currency. I got my name for my wisdom& plantation.

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3 years ago

Charlemagne also know as Karl& Charles the Great, was the medieval emperop of 768 to 814. I like, Books, to play to write letters. I was in the election of 1800.