Levels of Organization

cells: this is the basic building block of life.Cells are specialized by size and shape for the job they do.

example:there shape depends on how  it moves

example: they work together to preform speshall functions to help you live

example: cells make other cells

Tissues: they are made by a collection of cells and they work together to do a specific job in the body


example: tricep

example: leg muccles

organs: made of 2 or more tissues that help do a specific job in the body

example: brain

example: lungs

example: liver

organ system: a collection of organs working together to accomplish a specific job

example: respiratory system

example: reproductive system

organism: any living thing

example: animal

example: fish

example: cat

population: the same organisms living in the same area

example: town

example: school of fish

example: ants

ecosystem: population of organisms living together in one area

example: tundra

example: desert

example: temprate forest


these levels work together by letting the body get rid of waste and provide nutrients. They also work together by helping the cell survive so that you will survive. Also the tissues in your body allow you to do curtain things that are physical. If  the tissue was not in your body then you could not do anything physically because you need the muscles to do it.