The Life of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe, a brilliant poet with a tragic life.  Born on a cold winter in 1809, a famous poet was born. Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worst at a young age.  

Throughout Edgar's life, he was faced with tragedies.  His mother died when  he was only two years old at this time.  Edgar's father also left his family when his children were very young.  Even though Edgar faced many obstacles in his life, he was able to come through and still become a famous poet.  Some of Edgar's work is, "Al Aaraaf", and his first collection, " Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque."  When Edgar became  a writer, he still faced alcoholism, and had many wives, or girlfriends.  It seemed as though the difficulties continued to follow Edgar throughout his life.  One of Edgar's wives, was his first cousin Virginia, who was only thirteen at the time.   Several years later, Virginia died, leaving Edgar a widow.  Sadly, in October of 1849, Edgar died at the age of forty years old.  Even though Poe seemed as though he was tragic mess, he created history in the poetic world, changing the way of writing forever.

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