Conflict between Arabs and Israel

By Bethany Hubbard and Selin Nelson


• Israel's creation in the center of Arab-Islamic states caused great conflict to rise between the Israelis and Arabs.

• Israel defeated Egypt and Syria in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War and in the 1973 Yom-Kippur War.(intensifies the tensions)

• Differences in religion and the way that Israel was created made them the outcast of all the Arab countries.

• Israel joined with the United States while many Arab countries joined with the soviets for their increasing hatred toward each other.

• The wars led to a long series of peace treaties, which always resulted in assassinations between the two.

Iranian Revolution

• Islamic influences started to migrate to Iran.

• Iran was greatly anti-communist.

• In the 1970's opposition to Shah occurred and he fled the country as the revolution against him grew.

• The Islamist movement led by Ayatollah Khomeini gained force, who were very strongly anti-U.S.

•  This Islamic power against a developed nation like the U.S. inspired others to do the same, undertaking terrorist actions

•  Iraq wanted to invaded Iran, which led to the Iran-Iraq wa

Iran-Iraq War

• Iraq built up a good military and gained power and Saddam Hussein became president.

• Hussein attacked Iran, hoping that it would be an easy battle. Later, Iran counteracted and fought back, killing one million soldiers.

• The devastation from the wars is still around today and many people were affected.

• 2 years later, Hussein invaded Kuwait and was defeated. This created further hardships for Iraq and divided southwest Asia.

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